CADs Stage Makeup Workshop

When I was still in college, I didn’t have much time to practice makeup, what with all the academic requirements and org responsibilities that I had to prioritize. Not to mention, I wasn’t exactly the type of student who woke up an extra hour in the morning just to do my makeup for school. In fact,  I was almost the exact opposite – waking up in the nick of time, or sleeping in an extra hour thereby missing my first morning class – so you can just deduce how unpracticed I was.

Thankfully, I was part of a performing arts organization, and that meant I get to play with makeup every now and then for gigs, shows, concerts, competitions, etc. In fact, I think it was my time and experience with the Company of Ateneo Dancers (CADs) – both as performer and production staff member – that really honed my skill in makeup as a student. It taught me how to be fearless when playing with colors – something I wouldn’t have been otherwise able to do with the usual everyday makeup – and how to do makeup under time pressure, as well as horrible light conditions. As a makeup artist, it’s much more important to do better makeup on other people rather than yourself, and it was through CADs that I developed the confidence and skill to do makeup on other people that the transition from hobby to career was actually quite smooth. A few days ago, I was able to return to the school and organization that I called home for 4 years, and was able to give back and share the knowledge I learned as a student and the last two years I’ve spent learning the ropes of the beauty industry.

It was an interesting experience, I must admit, since there were more boys than girls in my workshop, but it didn’t stop us from making it a fun learning experience – emphasis on fun HAHA. Lucky workshop day for my attendees as I had goodies from BYS to use and share with them.

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When doing stage makeup, I always do different variations of the smokey eye so that it will always pop on stage. For a natural stage look, I like doing a brown smokey eye. I always do the eyes first cause smokey eyes in a rush usually tends to get a little messy on the under eye area, and that’s okay. Whatever gets the work done in the least amount of time is best because time seems to pass double time when you’re backstage, anyway it’s easier to clean up bare skin rather than trying to cover up any fall-out on skin with foundation on.

For the workshop we tried the BYS NUDE 2 palette, using the shades VIP, PHOTO OP, and MIDNIGHT. Since it’s a smokey eye, I started with VIP as a dark base, and used PHOTO OP from the lash line and all over the lid, focusing most of the pigment on the center and blending up. I stayed away from teaching the crease technique cause that was nothing new to my workshop attendees. At this point, I did a thick wingtip using black gel eyeliner to map out where a mix of PHOTO OP and MIDNIGHT will go. I added a bit more of PHOTO OP from the wing blending down to the center of the lid to give the eyeshadow a more catlike shape, since a cat-eye liner shape won’t be really be seen from the stage, it will need further definition using eyeshadow. Applied MIDNIGHT from the end of the wing and blended down to the corner of the eye – so that the wing is defined further – and blended very slightly up. I then lined 3/4 of the lower lash line with brown gel eyeliner (more waterproof and stage-appropriate than regular pencil eyeliner) and set it with PHOTO OP, and MIDNIGHT only on the 1/4 of the lower lash line so there’s a gradient, smokey effect on the lower lash line as well.

Once you’ve finished your eye look, clean up whatever fallout there may be on your cheeks and/or undereye with a wipe of sorts and proceed with your base regimen. I always start with toner, moisturizer, primer then apply concealer, foundation, contour and set everything with powder. The BYS contour kit is perfect for concealer and contouring since you have a lot of colors to choose from, and the best thing about that is that you can customize your own color if none of the colors perfectly match your skin tone. I conceal underneath the eyes, around the nose and draw a line along the bridge of my nose for a slight noseline. Use the darkest color for a slight contour on the hollows of your cheek, jawline and the sides of your nose if you want to accentuate your noseline further. Blend everything using the dampened BYS blending sponge. You can also use the sponge to set your powder for a longer wear.

For stage, the strong eye – nude lip / bare eyes – strong lip rule don’t really apply. Strong eyes and strong lips find their home on the stage so I mixed the two bottom shades of the BYS Lip Color palette to finish off the look. That’s the great thing about lip palettes, it’s easy to mix the colors – just use the end of your brush to scrape off the product and mix it at the back of your hand and use the brush to apply. 🙂


Thanks for having me, Igi! And for the donuts!


Thanks for having me, CADs Prod!

Sometimes I think to myself, when did I get old/credible enough to be holding workshops for students? I feel just as lost as I was when I was their age… HAHAHA but thanks CADs for having me and believing in me then and now! Hope you guys enjoyed and learned a lot. If you’d like to learn more looks using the BYS products I used, make sure to download the TV100 app available via Google Play and AppStore and watch the TV100 tutorials.

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