Christmas 2015 Makeup Wishlist

The Christmas season is upon us, even if the weather refuses to cooperate. What ever happened to the “brrr” in the “-ber” season? My makeup is melting 😦 I love how Christmas is a good excuse to go all glitzy and pretty, so let me share with you all the glitzy and pretty things I will dream of seeing under the tree.

  1. theBalm theManizer Sisters – The highlighting addict in me was jumping for joy and excitement when “strobing” finally became the trend, after the whole matte skin trend that slowly turned into dewy into full on strobed skin. I have a full-size of the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighting compact, which has been my go-to highlighter since I bought it in 2011. I had hit pan and unfortunately dropped it during a shoot and it shattered. I’ve been meaning to buy the Betty-LouManizer and Cindy-LouManizer highlighters but since my Mary-Lou was so versatile and I still had a ton of it even after 4 years, I didn’t think it’d be of much use and I didn’t really have much extra moolah to spend. Now that it comes in a palette, and I hear it’s out for an affordable price, I’m definitely getting this for the holidays. manizerpalette_productshot
  2. Urban Decay Electric Palette – I’ve been itching to get my hands on this palette since I assisted my mentor for a beauty editorial shoot wherein he used a lot of different bright colors he never gets to use with his regular clients and shoots. I got so inspired to play around with color, and I think this palette would be a good start. I also recently bought Inglot’s Duraline, so I can make different colored liners, etc too. Ahhhh. 604214922037_electric
  3. Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Velvet Cherry. Because Tom Ford. 🙂T1LP_VELVETCHERRY_OS_A
  4. Make Up For Ever Uplight Luminizing Gel. The highlighter addiction goes on. I’ve tried this once before and I love how it’s high-shine minus the grease I’ve encountered with other luminizing creams/gels. I don’t think my Benefit Girl Meets Pearl will last very long now, so I’m due for a replenishment of a liquid highlighter. I particularly like the Uplight with the pinkish tone. I find that I don’t like the effect of white highlights on Filipina skin. The pinkish tone lends a nice touch of that healthy glow all women clamour for. 2788444

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Rosy Pop. Blush is my least favorite and underloved makeup product. It just doesn’t excite me as much as lipstick or highlighter, which I can attribute to my very flushed and understated style of doing makeup maybe? Most days I feel that blush should be kept to a minimum, and very subtle. Ever since I got my Tarte 12-Hour Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed – a beautiful rosy nude matte blush – I felt that I found the perfect subtle and understated blush and hardly ever use any other blush. While it’s great that I’ve found The One, as an artist, I need to expand and experiment with other colors and brands. The Clinique Cheek Pop line caught my eye since it came out early 2014, but I’ve never gotten around to buying it. I’m liking this Rosy Pop shade since I’ve always been partial to the corals, peaches and nudes when it comes to blush. For the sake of diversity and growth, I’ll try out a pink shade. Maybe this Christmas I finally will. s1579036-main-hero-300

What’s on your Christmas list this year? 🙂

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