Lipstick Locker: The KSP Collection

I was 16 when I first started buying lipsticks. I was young, clueless and kulang sa pansin (attention-seeking), and to me, buying “natural” lipsticks were pointless. Why would I wear a color that looks like my natural lip color? My motto then was, if I was gonna spend a thousand bucks on a lipstick, it better be seen. I wasn’t much for subtleties and minimalism, once upon a time. I promise I’ve changed.

Succeeding my first three MAC lipsticks I mentioned in my previous post, I bought MAC Girl About Town. About a year later, I bought Impassioned and Watch Me Simmer, and the Viva Glam Nicki Minaj was given as a gift. Last year, I bought Heroine when it became part of the permanent line. These 5 lipsticks are hereby categorized under my KSP collection because these are the lipsticks I hardly get to use, except for editorials, client requests, or for mixing to add a pop of color on my natural colors. Solos-3


L-R: Heroine, Watch Me Simmer, Viva Glam Nicki Minaj, Impassioned, Girl About Town

MAC Heroine is a violet lipstick with a blue undertone and a matte finish. I haven’t personally used this on myself as I have nowhere to wear it to, but I’ve used it in three shoots. I try to bring it out to editorials whenever I can. My favorite color is violet, and this is the most violet lipstick I’ve seen in the commercial market. It’s not a pink-violet, red-violet, (color)-violet, it’s violet. If I lost it, I’d probably violet. (Hehe get it?)


MAC Heroine on Jana Stunts. Candy Magazine June 2015. Photo by Rxandy Capinpin


MAC Heroine on Jaz Reyes. Photo by Arthur Tan


MAC Heroine on Kate Bautista on Young Star. Photo by Bardo Wu

MAC Watch Me Simmer is a limited edition lipstick that came out in the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection 3 years ago. I was undergoing a coral addiction phase at that time, and I remember seeing this on Temptalia and it just called out to me. I didn’t get to buy it in the stores here in Manila since it’s limited edition, which means it’s almost impossible to get your hands on it through retail. I bought this with a ridiculous markup price on Amazon a year later, only to find out that it’s way too bright for my tan skin BUT NO REGRETS. I haven’t used this lipstick on it’s own in a shoot, so I don’t have any samples to show. I’ll remember to use this for my next shoot if I can.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj is a limited edition lipstick that came out 3 years ago. It’s a bright pink with a yellow undertone. This color does not look good on me at all, and I’ve only worn it once to a party where the theme was to dress as one of the celebrants so I donned an all-pink outfit and this lipstick. I haven’t used this to a shoot yet since I didn’t used to bring this around my pro kit, it was in my “too-special-don’t-use-on-other-people lipstick drawer” until earlier this year when I actually needed it but didn’t have it.


Three years ago when I didn’t know how to put on makeup that well yet. And the other half of my face wasn’t done by me. It’s a long story. Just look at the lipstick HAHA

MAC Impassioned is a pink-red lipstick with an amplified cream finish. This used to be one of my favorite lipsticks for night outs until I stuck with using reds. It’s actually quite a wearable shade, not as KSP as the rest of the colors in this set. Trend-wise, however, this isn’t so on point, which is why it’ll veer on the KSP side of things until the next 2-3 seasons probably. I like mixing this color to brighten up my nude- rosy-pinks though.

youngstar shoot-5859

MAC Impassioned on Kate Bautista for Young Star. Photo by Bardo Wu

MAC Girl About Town is a bright fuchsia lipstick that I really wish I could wear more often. It’s such a rich color and the texture is amazing for an amplified cream, it’s so comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. I’ve worn this a few times but I can only find one photo from 4 years ago of me wearing it. I guess now you can infer how much my lipstick wearing habits have changed in the last few years.. LOL.

Hi Ian! Photo by Tim Arafiles

Hi Ian! Photo by Tim Arafiles

So that’s my first set for the Lipstick Locker series. Right now, I have three more sets lined up. If you have any suggestions on what sets I should do, let me know. 🙂

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