My first non-backlog post is my recent shoot with local swimwear brand, MUUNO. It seems that I’ve been a lot of these “beach glow” shoots as of late, and I have everything to be thankful for because you guys have no idea how much I love the beach. Sometimes, I feel like I was a mermaid in my previous life. And don’t tell me mermaids don’t exist. πŸ™‚

This was an easy breezy shoot with our effortlessly beautiful Taiwanese-Dutch Canada-born model, Brittany Lu. She had great skin, so I skipped the full-face foundation and just concealed in some areas. Penciled in her brows just to make them full under the harsh light conditions. Since it was so bright in the beach, I added some eyeshadow to make sure her eyes don’t lose definition. Luckily, Brit had full and long eyelashes so I just curled them and skipped the mascara. One less problematic-under-sweaty-and-hot-circumstances beauty product I had to worry about during the shoot. She had a natural flush due to the heat, so I ditched the blush and used a liquid bronze highlighter instead. No powder, just setting spray.

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Let me just take this moment to appreciate Brit as our model. We had some trouble with this particular layout ’cause there were so many people on the beach and everyone wanted to see what was going on with the guy with the camera, the pretty girl (also, the only girl in a real swimsuit), and two extra girls following them around (me and the brand owner). We saw this floating bamboo contraption, and just wanted to see what we could do with it, and Brit just got in there like the trooper that she was and went up and down, hanging from the different – and possibly unstable – bamboo parts. With hardly any direction from the rest of us, she seemed to be in her element, so we took the shots. Also, considering how this raft wasn’t in very shallow waters, it would have taken some muscle to maneuver around the raft. I absolutely adore models who just get in there and find their shot, and I love how her athletic body really came out in this layout.

97640021This was a really solid shoot, which we ended by eating some good ol’ Chickenjoy in a gas station along SLEX on the way home. It was also our pleasure to have fed Brit her first Chickenjoy since she’s only been here for a year. If you guys follow me on twitter, you would know how much I love to the nth level Chickenjoy with Jollispaghetti complete with iced tea.

Check out the complete lookbook for this MUUNO collection here

Thank you so much MUUNO Swim for this much-needed workation, and my bikini so that I, too, can become a #muunobabe.

PhotosΒ | Ralph Mendoza

Makeup |Β Nicole Ceballos

Model |Β Brittany Lu

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2 Responses to MUUNO Swim

  1. alexistsoi says:

    Love this so much!!!! πŸ™‚ Great job!!!!

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