Opposites Attract

Here are some shots from a fashion editorial-esque shoot with photographer and good friend, Bardo Wu, and new friend Ecks Abitona. The concept of the shoot was mixing high-street fashion brands (Topshop, Uniqlo, F21, etc) with local indie brands (Salad Day, Randolf, etc), as well as mixing different fits and silhouettes for an article published on Young Star some months back. It was a quick and fun shoot around my village – I had no idea my village could be so grungey-photogenic.

youngstar shoot-5859

I kept the makeup simple since it was more of a fashion story editorial, but built the color with every layout. Slight cut-crease eye with a cat’s eye just for some edge to go with the clothes, defined brows and a pop of color on the lips for this first layout.

youngstar shoot-5902 youngstar shoot-5918

Lipstick change for the second layout! Haha, you can still see the first lipstick on the other photo. I kept it there cause I like how the look changed so much with just a change of lip color. The first one still feels sweet and prim, but the violet made it look a bit more playful to go with the top.

These were actually extra layouts since we had some time so her lips here are already natural, to match the simpleness of the outfit.


This is my favorite shot from the whole shoot. Her contour is just… BAM.

Read the article! The Philippine Star – Young Star on February 6, 2015

Photographer Bardo Wu

Model Kate Bautista of Prima Stella MGT.

Styling Ecks Abitona

Makeup Nicole Ceballos

Assistant Jake Jereza


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