Fly Art

I’m not going to try to post my works in chronological order since it doesn’t really matter much at this point HAHA. This is a shoot close to my heart for many reasons. 1) I love Fly Art, 2) I love the people behind Fly Art, 3) (at that time,) my phone wallpaper was Fly Art, 4) My laptop wallpaper is Fly Art, 5) It’s for their first collection.

To those of you who have been around the internet for a while now but STILL haven’t heard of Fly Art, it’s a project that brings hiphop and fine art together. Pretty sure you’ve at least stumbled across their work online. If you haven’t yet, please head on to You’re welcome!

12270026Compared to my previous post, this is a real no-makeup makeup look. Foundation, concealer, setting powder, eyeliner, mascara, full brows, contour, lipstick, the works. The real challenge for me in this shoot is that the photographer shot in film, so I wouldn’t have been able to take any test shots and see how the makeup looked on camera. Also, it was my first time to shoot with film. With my limited knowledge in photography, especially film photography, I just tried to make sure, to the best of my ability, to make it look seamless.


The flash was direct, something I rarely encounter in shoots, so I avoided using highlights for fear of them looking like disco balls, but I didn’t want them too look too matte, so I just used a light dusting of setting powder.

12270005The brows were slightly defined and filled in, but kept quite undone. To keep the softness of the look, I used brown eyeliner on top and loaded up on mascara. Instead of using eyeliner to define the lower lash, I applied a little bit of mascara at the bottom lashes.


Check this out on Behance.

12270020 12210007Safe to say I was quite relieved with the outcome of the photos. I was really nervous while waiting for the set ’cause I have no idea how the makeup would have come out. It was a fun gamble for me, since whenever I show my portfolio to other people or when they mention my work, they always mention how much they love the makeup for this particular shoot. That definitely gave me the self-esteem boost I needed as an artist, but as always, aim to be better. 🙂

Producers Toni Potenciano and Gisella Velasco of Fly Art (
Photos Ralph Mendoza
Styling by Sam Potenciano
Model Elena Ortega and Bea Alonso Te
Makeup and Hair by Nicole Ceballos
Special thanks to Benjamin Abesamis and And A Half Design Studio for the location



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