Field Day

Resurrection post #1: My makeup work for Field Day PH, an instagram store that sells super classy and pretty accessories. It was a last-minute shoot on a hot Sunday afternoon, but when you’re presented with a team like this, it’d be a bad idea to say no.


The model was Chanel Olive Thomas, who is also a Ms. Philippines-Earth aspirant. The makeup was quick and easy, just that right glow for the summer. I wouldn’t classify it as no-makeup makeup look, cause this was actually even less than that. Chanel had really nice skin to begin with, so just a few corrections here and there. And since I liked her freckles, I didn’t cover them. Lots of highlight on this one despite the really bright sun and chances of oiling up and perspiration. One of the funniest agreements I had with the photographer on this look was “no artista brows!” So I kept it full and natural, without looking blocky and too filled in. We were racing against the sun, so I skipped the eyeliner, loaded up on mascara, pat on a little bit of clear gloss and we were ready for the first layout all in 20 minutes or less.

IMG_6701The sun was definitely burning that day and it was undoubtedly summer all over. Usually, I prefer shooting indoors where the makeup will hold better, but the sunlight just brought out the highlights of the makeup so nicely, I didn’t really complain too much.

IMG_6776After the shoot I brought home the pair of earrings Chanel is wearing on the photo above and gave them to my mom. My mom loves earrings, but I’m unfortunately allergic to them HUHU.


Check out my entry of this on BehanceIMG_6731Follow Field Day on Instagram (@fielddayph) and I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself buying something, anything from their store. I know I would, if only I wasn’t allergic. 😦

Photos by Ralph Mendoza

Styling by Margaux Alampay

Makeup by Nicole Ceballos

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