Hello, again. (And again, and again)

It’s been around four years since I started this blog, and I do not deny that in those four years, I’ve abandoned and tried to resurrect it so many times it’s sad. Recently, a handful of people I’ve come across have brought up the fact that this blog exists, though I haven’t been regularly updating it for a long time now. The common question I get when I’m working on a client or an old friend I haven’t spoken to in a while is, “aren’t you a blogger?” To which I never know what to answer, considering how the blogging sphere has changed so much since I started this blog. I feel old, but back then it was all just about sharing thoughts and ideas – nothing professional.

So, hello, again. I’m Nicole – Nix for short, Nixxole for fun. I’m not exactly a blogger, as compared to someone who simply has a blog for thoughts, travels and perhaps my journey as a makeup artist. I’m not a religious poster, but I will try to post from time to time. I’m still not a pro at this blogging thing though, so I hope you guys are kind in comparing me to all the bloggers out there now.

Here is a photo of what I look like now. Although this photo is 6 months old..


Photo by Tarish Zamora and Nikki Ruiz

Makeup by Nicole Ceballos

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