My close friends know my obsession for fireworks and perhaps all things that sparkle, so it’s probably no surprise that the theme for my last shoot for 2014 was firework. Consequently, the project was entitled Sparks. This photoshoot came together because of a status message I posted on Facebook looking for artists willing to collaborate with me for one last passion project before the year ends. I expected minimal, even zero, response from people since it was the holidays and it was the time to be with family. I was overwhelmed with the response and attention, and all at once, I had enough photographers to shoot 2 weddings at the same time. Come shoot day, we were a team of 10 creatives all ready to sparkle for one last time in 2014.

Safe to say that this is the first shoot that I really produced – a shoot with just one model and photographer not included HAHA – and I made a promise to myself that I would produce one every 6 months. It’s always a good idea to work on something that is completely for creative purposes with fellow creatives who are as thirsty and passionate as you.

Sorry for the backlog, but here are some snaps from the shoot, Sparks: A 2014 Year-Ender Passion Project.

IMG_3877 IMG_3970 IMG_3994 IMG_4174 IMG_4222 IMG_4581 11 16 Betsy2 BTS Benjo Jal and Pauline at sunset timarafiles_yeA-1 timarafiles_yeA-2 timarafiles_yeA-3 timarafiles_yeA-4 timarafiles_yeA-5 timarafiles_yeA-6 timarafiles_yeA-7

You can check out the whole album here:

Produced by Nicole Ceballos
Production Management by Tony Battung
Production Assistance by Cheska Marcelo
Photography by
Benjo Beringuela |
Tim Arafiles |
Therese Marian Sta Maria and
Noel Narciso
Set Design by Ayra Fortuno
Styling by CJ Dacalos
Hair and Makeup for Pauline Suarez by Nicole Ceballos |
Hair and Makeup for Bettina San Luis and John Sedano by Jhing Gumasing | |

Hope you’re all having a great 2015 so far!

Special thanks to Chris Benedicto for the props and Yogi Catabijan for the location

Happy new year, everyone!

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