Legally White: Steph Ayson

Late to the photo posting party as usual (but I was on time for the real party, I promise), but here are a few of my favorite photos from Madame Steph Ayson’s 21st birthday shoot with the usual birthday shoot crew Trish Zamora and Bell Javier, along with former birthday shoot girl, Bets San Luis and joke-provider Miguel Cu. Took us a while to realize it but this is actually a CADs Alumni Production – 3 former streeters, 1 former jazzer and prod staff member, and 1 former prod staff member – for our graduating senior and current CADs president. Damn I feel O L D.

Belated happy birthday to you, Steph! To many and more birthdays and parties in your house! I’ll be sure to remember what happens on the next one HAHA Luh ya sissy! Hope your first 9 days as a 21-year-old have been great! 🙂 (Balitaan kita pag nakabili na ko nung MAC Melba. Napapanaginipan ko pa rin hanggang ngayon 😦 )

IMG_2044-6 TMZ_0174-2 TMZ_0456-3 TMZ_0492-4 TMZ_0598-5 TMZ_9870-1


6 7 8

Photography | Trish Zamora and Bell Javier

Makeup | Nicole Ceballos

Assistance | Bettina San Luis and Miguel Cu

Layout | Mikee Naval

Check this out on Behance 🙂

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