Bohemian Rhapsody: TAMED

I ended my thankfully makeup-loaded summer with one of my favorite shoots of all time, which also happens to be my dream shoot – to shoot something, anything on the beach. Since it was my first time do makeup for a shoot that would be done completely under the sun and near the water (heat + humidity = not the most ideal makeup environment), I finally had the perfect excuse to buy a real setting spray. Skindinavia’s makeup setting spray is absolute G O L D. The makeup of the models stayed on throughout the heat of the day, and Jackie even swam with it, although I had to retouch after the accidental dip in the water.

I’ve honestly never been much of a boho chick (mostly because I hardly veer away from my plain shirts, jeans and sneakers combo), but all of the clothes you’ll see on here are absolutely gorgeously bohemian I really wished I was more fashionable (or, you know, had the body of a model huhu). If you’re into boho, or even if you’re not, check TAMED out for all your fashion designing needs. I can’t wait to go to something important enough to have something designed by the foxy girl behind this brand. 🙂Open-ArtPhoto_074385 Open-ArtPhoto_073862 Open-ArtPhoto_074313 Open-ArtPhoto_074530 Open-ArtPhoto_074507 Open-ArtPhoto_074525 Open-ArtPhoto_073944 Open-ArtPhoto_074230 Open-ArtPhoto_074244 Open-ArtPhoto_074311 Open-ArtPhoto_074247 Open-ArtPhoto_074426 Open-ArtPhoto_074628 Open-ArtPhoto_074584 Open-ArtPhoto_074034 Open-ArtPhoto_074397 Open-ArtPhoto_074399

So many things crossed my makeup bucketlist in just one shoot! But only gave me ideas to put a million new ones on the list.

Shot in Virgin Beach, Laiya, Batangas
Photography: Artu Nepumoceno check out his site for more photos from this shoot!
Styling: Meg Manzano
Clothes: Tamed Fashion Inc. / Hanna de los Reyes
Hair and Makeup: Nicole Ceballos
Models: Jessica Yang, Jackie Milner, Yna Lopez and Carla Barretto

Check this entry on my Behance as well! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for share such great look design and makeup trends with us i see you all pics you are looking very attractive with all fashion you wear also summer dress you choose also very beautiful . Thanks

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