I didn’t realize that I still had a bunch of makeup photos stocked up from the past few months so let the backlog begin, all of them actually featuring the same girl, Jazmin Reyes. I’ll start this with the first time I got to use one of my favorite lipsticks, even if I’ve actually never worn it on myself. It’s just so perfectly violet that it’s automatically a favorite.

WordPress, meet my MAC Heroine lipstick.

20140611-IMG_0923 20140611-IMG_0925 20140611-IMG_0926 20140611-IMG_0992Felt a little adventurous and decided to give more attention to one of the products I seem to have been taking for granted – blush. Jaz’s cheekbones were perfect for a little bit of high and hot pink blush effects. I should really experiment on blush more often, now that I think about it. Damn, that means I need to spend even more money on makeup. It just never ends, huh???

Not that I’m complaining. 😉

Photos, as usual, by Arthur Tan.

Check out this look on my Behance as well: http://bit.ly/TiNHPB

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