L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Mascara

A few weeks ago L’Oreal sent me some makeup to try, especially their new mascara, the False Lash Butterfly Mascara, said to be their #1 mascara in Europe. I tried it on today and I can definitely see what the hype is all about. I’ve grown to become really picky when it comes to my mascara because I used to wear stage makeup, which means it had to be able to withstand sweat, the heat of the lights on and off stage, while also making me feel like I had false lashes on ’cause my eyes are too wide for cheap false eyelashes sold on the market (huhu).


This mascara makes me wish I still had to wear stage makeup ’cause it really would have been perfect for that. The wand is quite unique; it has two sides: one has the normal, fine toothed comb, while the other side is the same fine toothed comb, but the teeth get longer towards the end. I suppose this is so that the lashes are longer at the corners, which is how I always like my mascara done. L’Oreal makes it easy – instead of applying it normally, and then adding more using the tip of the wand on the outer corner, all you have to do is apply it one way. It also goes on really black in one go, so I swiped it about three times to get the desired false lash effect.


L’Oreal also sent in an eyeshadow quad and a pencil eyeliner, both of which were perfect to use for the stage makeup look I was going for. Both the quad and the pencil eyeliner worked so well with the mascara.


IMG_6778-2One other thing I love about this mascara? No spider-lashes, even when zoomed in. 🙂

L’Oreal posted a look/tutorial video using the same mascara recently, and pay attention to the model!

Does she look familiar? It’s Chesca, the same model from my Summertime Sadness shoot with Tim Arafiles. Girl’s gone big time. 🙂

Many thanks to Arthur Tan for taking my photos! 🙂

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