5 Favorite Makeup Brushes

According to me, that is. Everyday there’s always at least two things added to my makeup lust-list, and every now and then I get to cross off a few of them. One of my biggest obsessions, next to lipsticks, are makeup brushes. I always say that I have enough brushes, but let’s face it, what counts for ‘enough’ anyway? Just let the love run free and the collection grow, after all, you’ll find use for it one way or another. I have about 50+ makeup brushes at the moment, but there are only about 10 or so brushes that I really use regularly.

In no particular order,


  1. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (from the Starter Eye Set). I used to use this brush for concealer because I like how the fluff doesn’t pack on too much concealer all at once, so there’s better control. I read a lot about how this could be a dupe for the MAC 217, and since I can’t afford that one, I started using this brush as a crease blending brush and I haven’t looked back since. It’s pointed enough to concentrate the color in the crease, yet fluffy enough to blend it while you’re building the color. When I use it to put my eyeshadow for crease color, with my eyes open, I use just the edge and just follow my crease from outside to inside. When I want to add a little bit of height to the crease, again with my eyes open, I use the tip and follow my crease from outside to inside as well. No need to put the colors individually then blend it all together with a separate brush.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Suesh Angled Blush Brush. I’ve been using this brush for contouring since I started doing makeup 3 years ago, and since then I’ve tried only one other contouring brush, the Real Techniques Contouring Brush. I like how this brush allows for better blending and distribution of color – the chances of ending up with a brown line on the cheeks are less likely as compared to other brushes. First I dip the shorter end of the brush on the product, then flick it out such that you make the whole brush pass through one area, and not sweep the whole brush across the hollows of the cheek. The idea is to deposit the color using the short end, while the longer bristles distribute and diffuse it to the rest of the hollows of the cheeks. No streaks and lines.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Suesh Small Blush Brush (from the 10pc personal set). I like how this brush is small enough to fit the smallest cheekbones, like mine, which are almost too shy to come out. I find that it’s harder to adjust with a big blush brush rather than this one. It’s also not too dense that it’ll pack on so much color in just one pat. It’s light and feathery enough to slowly build the color up. The only downside is that its hairs are white, and since I first used it, I haven’t been able to get it to turn back to its original color.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Real Techniques Powder Brush. This is most probably the biggest brush I own, and using this to powder the face is so fast simply because it can cover so much area in just one sweep. Although the pickup of product could be better, the brush’s softness, density and size make up for that small shortcoming.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  5. Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush (from the NAKED 1 palette). I don’t particularly like using vegan or synthetic hair for eyeshadow because it doesn’t pick up color as well as natural hair, so I use this brush for applying cream concealer instead. The shape and size fit the undereye really well, and it’s thin enough to get to the small corners of the face if you use the tip. The width is also quite good for using concealer to highlight the nose bridge. The best part about it being vegan though? Cleans up so easily, even the thickest cream concealers are easy to remove.


So there, those are my 5 favorite makeup brushes!

Nicole x

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