Christmas Makeup Wishlist

It’s Christmas month! Let me take this moment to be quite materialistic and crazy over makeup I can’t afford, because I won’t be spending my money on any of these this Christmas. I hope. Someone tape my ampao with mighty bond just so we’re sure. Since I won’t buy them, maybe you guys could treat yourselves to these! At least one of us will be merry 😀

  1. LORAC Rockin’ Red Hot PRO Set. I was originally just fawning over the LORAC PRO Palette but then when I was looking through, they had this set which includes a travel-sized primer and eyeliner + the actual palette, BUT IT’S CHEAPER THAN JUST BUYING THE PALETTE!! I really wonder how this is so but I’m not one to complain.Image
  2. Too Faced Be Merry & Be Bright Holiday Palette. I wanted this the moment I saw it on Temptalia, and it’s quite packed for the price. I usually tend to gravitate more towards palettes than individual products since it saves so much space and I enjoy the variety. I hear this palette is also pretty pigmented so one shouldn’t worry so much about hitting pan immediately. I particularly like the “Be Bright” half of this set.Image
  3. Anastasia Brow Pro Palette. Like I said, I love palettes. I prefer using powder over pencils and gels for eyebrows and as far as I’ve seen online, this is the brow palette that offers the most variety and versatility. It’s also crazy expensive.Image
  4. Hakuhudo J5523 Eyeshadow Brush Round & Flat. I would like 5 of these. Why? It’s Hakuhudo. Hay.Image
  5. MAC Heroine Lipstick (leftmost). The curse of limited edition. I have found some way to recreate this by mixing some lipsticks but it will never compare 😦Image
  6. Guerlain Meteorites. I’ve actually never tried these, even in a Sephora or Rustan’s, but that packaging is enough for me to want to buy it. And I’m sure anything Guerlain makes is pure gold. Image
  7. Givenchy Le Rouge 202 Rose Dressing. One of the reasons why I use darker and bolder lip colors is because wearing light color lipsticks tend to emphasize the dryness of my lips, and my lips take dry to a whole new level. I drink lots of water (in fact that’s almost the only beverage I ever drink) and apply lip balm when I have the chance, and yet still dry. I only have 2 nude lipsticks, MAC Creme D’ Nude (bad idea buying that one) and Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle (slightly bad idea – it’s the exact same color as my natural lip color, it could pass for lipbalm if it wasn’t matte). Naturally, I need really hydrating but not too creamy nude lipsticks. In my experience, too creamy lipsticks just glide over the cracks of my lips such that it doesn’t apply any color, thus emphasizing the dryness. And wow I mention all that to justify why I want a really expensive light-colored lipstick. Yes, and because it’s Givenchy. 😀                                                                                             Image
  8. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. Here’s something I’ve actually tired and need more of! I have one sample bottle and one travel sized bottle of this that I bought on sale in Taste Central a while back, and this is by far the best makeup remover I’ve tried. It’s quite unusual too, as you apply it like it’s a facial wash.

    With a dry made-up face, you put a coin-sized amount of the oil on your palm, rub your hands together to distribute the oil all over your hands, and then apply it on your face like facial wash. Gently rub it all over your face until you see the makeup loosening up. Without adding any more oil, gently rub (more like massage) your eye area – concentrate on this a bit more if you’re wearing waterproof products. Then do the same on your lips. When you open your eyes and look at yourself on the mirror, you’ll look absolutely horrible – black eyeliner and mascara smeared all over the face + red lipstick that does not look sexy at all. Then you “emulsify” it by washing it off with water! It takes quite a while for it to remove, but not too long. Probably just a quarter of the time more than if you were washing off soap.

    This time when you look at yourself on the mirror, you’ll look fresher than right before you put on your makeup. This removes 95% of my waterproof eye makeup products, so I’ll only need to swipe a little bit of remover with a cotton bud, which should hardly irritate your eyes or add any wrinkles in the future. And unlike most makeup removers I’ve tried, this doesn’t leave the skin too greasy (for oil-based removers), too dry (alcohol-based) or not clean enough (water-based). I don’t have to scrub to make sure I got everything out, or have to moisturize my skin afterwards.

    It’s perfect. Have I convinced you to buy it yet? It’s crazy expensive to remove makeup, but it’s definitely worth all the money.



And that ends my Christmas Makeup Wishlist for now, always just for now. 🙂

Nicole x

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