A few weeks ago, a few friends and I put together a japanese inspired photoshoot. This opportunity was such a breath of fresh air for me. I haven’t done a lot of conceptual shoots and for the longest time I thought I couldn’t do anything past beauty looks just because I don’t get to practice it. Also, after 3 years of hair trauma, I tried hairstyling again. Luckily this shoot wasn’t of the prim and proper variety so neatness of hair wasn’t necessary. Hihi.

shogun-1 shogun-2

a10shogun-3 shogun-4

shogun-5 shogun-6 shogun-7 shogun-8

a4Hopefully there’ll be more opportunities for me to do things like these. They’re really fun and every step to me is a mystery cause I don’t think I’ll likely do the same crazy look twice.

Modelled and styled by the jetsetter Hannah Tan

Photographed by Hueart aka my favorite photographers Arthur Tan and Tim Arafiles

Graphic designed by Mikee Naval

Makeup done by Nicole Ceballos 🙂

You can check the full magazine-style set here! And my behance entry here

Another shot in line on Wednesday!


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