Defy The Current

A few weeks ago, I did the makeup for two models for the AJMA Launch 2013 Promotional Video to cap off one of my most stressful weeks in senior year so far. The exact day we shot was the day our thesis proposal was due and for the whole three weeks we had to brainstorm and conceptualize, we had nothing up until about 1am of the day of submission. That gave us around 16 hours total to do the proposal and it was not easy, considering how I’ve only slept a total of 8 hours in 4 days prior to submission. Words of advice for the future com majors, start thinking of a thesis topic as early as sophomore year. Start panicking if you still have nothing a few weeks before senior year starts. We didn’t panic enough and look where that brought us.

All is well now and I don’t know why I even talked about the backstory, but yes, the whole week came down to this:

ajma launch-3 ajma launch-1 ajma launch-2

^ This girl has the one of the most beautiful set of eyebrows I’ve ever seen. Really, how does one get blessed with such nice eyebrows??? Is this even fair? Half the time I was doing her makeup I couldn’t stop telling her how much I wanted her eyebrows. It was such a pleasure working with her as well; our conversations about makeup and school really kept me awake, which isn’t a very easy thing to do HAHA.

Many thanks to everyone behind this shoot, especially Jonas Tamayo for trusting me with this.

A bajillion thumbs up to the boys that shot, directed and edited the promotional video – Arthur Tan, Tim Arafiles and Jal Emata. Hire them, they’re really good at what they do (they’re also funny and cute).

You can watch their masterpiece here: and check this entry on my behance:

Let’s keep those photoshoots coming! Contact me for anything makeup related through 09178725917. 🙂


Photos shot by Arthur Tan

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