Around The World: African Makeup Haul

Next stop: South Africa. Ahhh I miss Africa. I didn’t really get to shop much so I’m not sure if you can call this a haul but since I’m doing it by destination, I’ll just keep it going. Who knew that the place where I’d find Topshop Makeup is all the way in South Africa?? I was even reluctant to go inside Topshop ’cause we didn’t really have that much space in our bags to shop but ahhh at last!

The makeup collection of Topshop is extensive enough for their brand. It also didn’t give much variety or unique colors but I suppose that’s to be expected. Nothing really called out to me nor did I lack any color of what they were selling but I knew I couldn’t leave Topshop without buying anything so behold my first real lip liner and facial wipes!


Topshop lip liner in Deception. It’s a good lip liner for what it was worth at 8 RND or 320 pesos. It applies quite smoothly, just a little bit of tug here and there. It’s pigmented but not completely opaque at the first stroke so it’s safe to say its quite buildable. It has a matte finish as most lip liners are and being a person with really dry lips, this wasn’t so bad. I can foresee it pairing well with my Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Sensuelle but I haven’t really gone around to trying it. It does stain quite a lot and removes unevenly so it looks really awkward after a meal. Let’s just say it’s not the best option to wear with an empty stomach and xiao lung pao, rice and soup on the dinner table. All in all, it’s as good as much as it’s worth, probably even better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI didn’t want to leave Topshop with just one lip liner so I picked this one up for the extra lazy days I only have to remove concealer and eyebrow products. I really really really like these wipes it was such a bad idea to buy just one pack. The only other brand of wipes I’ve tried is the Neutrogena one. I read lots of reviews about that one until I decided to buy it and it was such a bad idea – it stung and left my skin so dry I ended up having to wash my face (which I was trying to avoid) and moisturize after. It removed my makeup pretty well but the sting just wasn’t worth it. These Topshop wipes, however, were very gentle and didn’t dry my skin out. It left a feeling of film over my face, which was neither good nor bad and somehow made me feel like my face was clean. It doesn’t completely remove waterproof mascara but removes it to around 80%, not bad for a gentle cleansing wipe.

That’s it for Africa! And if anyone sees Topshop Makeup somewhere soon, please do let me know. I need me more of these wipes.


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