Some three months ago, AJMA had a shoot for their motion editorial for the Ateneo’s biggest college party, Shindig and a few friends of mine asked me to do the makeup for three models. It was a fun shoot with an interesting set design, beautiful clothes, smoke (I absolutely LOVE any set with smoke, it makes everything feel extra cool I don’t know why), excellent videographers, and a passionate group of students who conceptualized and put it together.

This was my first gig in a while since I’d been so swamped with school work and org work so saying yes to this without knowing what it’s about or what it was for was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve said no to makeup far too many times in the past to pass up another one. Hopefully from now on, I won’t have to say no to anyone anymore. Here’s to change!

AJMA Shindig 2013-1 AJMA Shindig 2013-2 AJMA Shindig 2013-3 AJMA Shindig 2013-4 AJMA Shindig 2013-5 AJMA Shindig 2013-6 AJMA Shindig 2013-7 AJMA Shindig 2013-8 AJMA Shindig 2013-9Many thanks to the AJMA team that put this together, especially Nikki Riel, Karl Nieto and Fons Martinez who got me for this shoot. To the 4am Hustle boys, Deej Fabian and Arthur Tan (this was also our first shoot working together! Hehe). And to the beautiful models who allowed me to take care of their features, Bianca Evangelista, Franchesca Floirendo, and Tori Rosso.

You can also watch the actual motion editorial here.



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