whatisnix is now nixxole

Welcome to the revival/resurrection/start of something new.

To begin the festivities, I have decided to change my former username ‘whatisnix’ to ‘nixxole’. The reason for this is to make it more aligned with my other online accounts, and people I know have seemingly grown very comfortable with the name ‘nixxole’ so much that they call me that instead of my real name.

Nixxole is a mix of Nicole and Nix, my real name and nickname. It should’ve been nixole, but someone else had that twitter username some three/four years ago so I added an extra ‘x’ just ’cause I really liked the sound of it. I have other accounts like my formspring and instagram that are variations of ‘nixxole’, just plus-minus the x, depending on the availability of the username.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that it’s the same old blog, just a different name so don’t unfollow or unsubscribe ’cause it’s still me! Felt like it needed a lift so I changed a bunch of things too, but nothing drastic.

Here’s a trippy photo of me with paper plates and table cloth on my face just for kicks.

Taken by the phenomenon Arthur Jarred Tan

Taken by the phenomenon Arthur Jarred Tan

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