Two weeks ago, I was blessed to celebrate my 18th birthday surrounded by friends and family at Wine Bar in El Pueblo, Ortigas. It was a simple celebration with the theme of Diamonds and Pearls to keep it extra classy for the day I turned into a lady. Without a program, all of my guests were free to eat, drink and mingle as much as they want until my father won’t let my once in a lifetime party pass without a few speeches from my family and my best friends and a dance with my father. After the impromptu program, the night just went on as my friends just partied and ate and drank.

It was a good night to bring all of my friends who have been waiting for me to turn 18 and go to their last debut of our era and it was definitely a good 18 years in the making.

Event coverage by ServedFresh. Event Styling by Design Manila. Be sure to look both of them up, they’re wonderful!

Thank you for raising me for the past 18 years

My 2-footer cake!

My only solo shot has to be with food

The amazing porchetta!

A2 Reppin

Melissa and her very long and loving speech

Koala mode

JC and his pickup lines infused speech

First time to officially dance with my dad.

Blowing 18 years away.

Goodluck @ World’s, anak! Rep hard!

Mini HS reunion

Figure skating friends! Good to see all of you again!


Best DJs ever!

But you’re still my favorite, DJ Arthur! Thank you for the lipstick I’m wearing hihi

My dad dancing to Bad Romance

My very own CADs Family ❤

My favorite kind of boys, CADs Boys

It’s been an amazing 18 years in the making and I can’t wait to live on knowing that I’m surrounded by people who continuously inspire me and help me dance through life like it’s always my last. 🙂

Photos by Tonio del Rosario of Served Fresh, like them on Facebook!

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