First of Summer

Now that I’ve successfully wound down from the whirlwind that was second semester of my second year in college, I think it’s about time I returned. I meant to write sooner but I guess my mind was still much too consumed by a whole lot of other things, mostly concentrated on just doing.. nothing. Doing nothing too productive for the past week proved to be just exactly what I needed. I spent most of the first of my summer by discovering many new things within my makeup arsenal, experimenting with new colors and re-learning old makeup tricks along with catching up with a truckload of old movies I’ve downloaded through out the YEARS. Just yesterday, I watched 3 consecutive movies and today, I watched The Matrix for the first time! My mind is B L O W N at how they were able to make that kind of movie back in the 90s! And I seriously feel sorry for myself that I only got to watch it on this day of my life!

It’s such a shame I don’t ever bring cameras around so I won’t be able to make this post a little more visual than I would have wanted. But I do want to share something so I guess I’ll just write this up as visually simulating as I can.

Last Saturday, my dearest sister finally graduated from college! Jesus, when did time go by so fast? I’ve never been big on graduations, I nearly even fell asleep from the heat and annoyance in my highschool graduation but I can’t express how proud I was of my sister for finally making it to the finish line after seeing her go through hell called the Ateneo. On a more makeup related note, I did her graduation ceremony makeup and she badgered me over and over at how she wants her makeup to last through the humidity in the covered courts so I had to make sure that I layered her makeup on properly. By the end of the ceremony, her face was still quite beautiful but what surprised me the most was how her makeup lasted for MORE THAN 24 HOURS. Yes, she refused to take off her makeup even 24 hours later. Probably one of my best works to date!

I also took my sister’s graduation as an opportunity to finally be able to do my makeup stress-free. One makeup trick that I always wanted to be able to do on myself but always screwed up was the wingtip. For some bizarre reason, I can easily do it on other people but never on myself. I blamed it on stress, like I did everything else. True enough, I was able to do my wingtip nicely because there was nothing else on my mind but getting it right.

Excuse the angle and the expression, just mind the wingtip!

Along with going through my makeup, I went through my mom’s as well. Teehee. I managed to permanently borrow two of her gorgeous Estee Lauder lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette that has the perfect shade of pearly cinnamon and perfect matte dark brown for eyebrows and a powder blush palette that has this beautiful old rose pink that I’ve been meaning to find online. One reason why I like makeup more than I do clothes: it doesn’t go by size.

I finally managed to organize most of my makeup and put them in the makeup desk my mom so lovingly designed and made for me. When I finally get my photography skills in order, I’ll take pictures and share them here, along with finally writing down all of the makeup I own. I actually really need to start figuring out what I have so that I won’t waste any more money with buying similar ones when I shop abroad this summer.

The most eventful thing that happened to me this whole time has got to be the CADs YEC Cast Party 2012: The OsCADs. I got my ultimate girly day: manicure + pedicure with khaki fingernails and bright bubblegum blue for my toes, 2-hour makeup prep-time (I felt like I was in heaven and I actually think that’s the best ever makeup I’ve done on myself) using bright teal eyeshadow-turned-liner, 50s wingtip, bright pink cheeks and orange-coral lips. And I also smelled like vanilla. And yes, my peg for that night was cotton candy. The party was beautiful – QLASSY, would be the best term to describe it. Everyone was so easy on the eyes with their long gowns, perfectly done hair and makeup and the boys looking qlean with ironed out suits and polished shoes. I also got my first ever CADs award with the best person in the world, Arthur Tan.

If you notice that white thing on the left part of my head, that’s gauze. During the OsCADs, the par lights behind us fell on a few of us but thankfully I was the only one badly injured. I say thankfully because 1) at least only one of us had to be taken care of, 2) it was a succession of falls and mine was the last so if you think about it, it really could’ve been worse, 3) I was surrounded by people who would be future doctors, 4) I was surrounded by people who cared and loved, 5) it was quite the wakeup call. I don’t really want to go in depth with what happened but I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who showed their love and concern for me in every way they knew how. The biggest of thanks to future Dr. Recto and Dr. Encarnacion for making me feel safe in their educated hands, to Boss Ross for being such a big kuya to me that night and to Arthur, who literally saw me being stitched up and held my hand through everything. And to God; I was praying the whole time from the moment I realized what was going on until the time I closed my eyes to sleep that night.

So that explains my house arrest and why I probably gained 3 inches on my waist just in time for Bora 2 weeks from now! Not that I’m complaining, I’m truly very fat with love and care from all of the people who’ve been visiting me this past week. The end is near and the real work begins stat. Got lots of things lined up to write about actually, I think I’ll start writing them up tonight and put themΒ  on queue.



Nicole x

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4 Responses to First of Summer

  1. Niki says:

    I was waiting for you to post something! I was honestly deprived of home-grown things to read, things outside of Kpop and the like. Aww, Nix! Glad to see you back to dancing, but wow, your injury scared me! Get well real soon, that you will be able to enjoy this summer! Have heaps fun, and I do hope to read more from you!

    • Nicole says:

      Haha, I’m finally back! I really missed it, I have so much shit to post, I just need to get them down to writing! And I’m FINALLY catching up on SHINee Comeback videos! Thanks Niki, but I do hope I still get to see you this summer! πŸ˜€

      • Niki says:

        Ugh, I can’t even begin to describe Sherlock performances. I’ll write about it soon! And about EXO, they’re debuting soon enough, they just had their showcase today. Yay! And yes, hope to see you this summer! Food trip!

  2. paten says:

    i just saw this now. Really glad you’re safe, Nix! mahal kita! πŸ™‚

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