It’s All Good ‘Cause Lights Will Guide You Home

The first two and a half months of the year have definitely been the most stressful and clingy months for my organization and family, The Company of Ateneo Dancers. Imagine having to put together a one-night-only full-house with SRO concert of 24 dances and a whirlwind competition day of 3 dances just one week after. I can’t even begin to explain the amazing journey CADs had throughout the whole year to make it to where we are now. There were definitely a lot of bumps and bruises as we all tried to adjust to the new ways and learn from each other but yesterday proved that hard-work definitely pays off.

On a personal note, I really can’t imagine where I would be in life now if it wasn’t for CADs. Through my darkest and lowest moments, I knew I had a family of epic proportions that would move mountains to pick me up. CADs has taught me more than I can ever manage to absorb and it is definitely an honor to be able to give back to them in service and in friendship. I remember going into my sophomore year promising to myself that I won’t spend as much time with CADs and start exploring more friendships and relationships elsewhere but when you already have not just friends, but a family such as this, in one place, you’d be crazy not to invest so much time, emotion, effort and life into it.

CASCADE allowed me to see a glimpse of my life in future CADs as a stressed member of performer, production and the executive board while also being a communications major student and a human that needs food and water. No matter how stressful and exhaustive that day was, I’d gladly do it all over again. Yesterday’s competition day truly made me feel a whirlwind of emotions as I served as a makeup artist all the while hoping I was putting makeup on myself, pumping myself in preparation for my return to competitive performing. Seeing the joy in the faces of my orgmates during their dance was enough to make me feel like just as happy as I’ll ever be had I danced with them.

It’s been an amazing year for CADs and after yesterday, I’ve never felt more ready to be in even greater service to the organization that nurtured me into who I am now.

We got this.

To Gisella Velasco, for bringing out the gay and happy Nix bursting out of me and loving me as much as I love you. Hehe.

To Martin Fausto, my favorite self-proclaimed kupal friend to put makeup on.

To Ningning Nunez, we're finally dancing together again. Really gay this time, if I must say so myself.

To El Kawsek, my marketing partner who always believed in me and inspired me to be the officer I will be.

To Nic Hernandez, my CADs mommy

To Jak Mayo, you are going to be an amazing hairstylist and MUA in the future. Just don't forget me! To Anjo Pagcaliwagan, you are so gwapo! To Bell Javier, my original clingy, congratulations on your two compets in one day!

To Arthur Tan, I'll miss fixing your hair when you finally cut it. Hehe. Congratulations, champ!

Truly a CASCADE of Emotions... Haha

To the best organization in the world

We bears rep hard.

A family that prays together, stays together.

In Dancing Excellence: Groove. Glory. GOD. Astroboy!

Blue lights will guide you home

Nicole x

Photo credit: Paul Ignacio, Ech Nocom, Tito Pavia, Martin Fausto, Ionne Ocampo, Justine Qui, Tito Pavia, Cathy Lopez, Benny Bernardo

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