The first month of the year really kicked off my 2012 really well that, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been updating as much. Thankful for the 4-day holiday given to us by the university that is the root of all stress and sleepless nights, I have been posting a little bit more often that before. Since this is still very much a personal blog, I would still like to be able to share random best bits of my life just because.

As normal conversations would usually start, I’d like to answer the question, ‘how am I?’ I haven’t really thought about how I am, considering how my ‘one-day-at-a-time’ new year’s resolution seems to be doing well for me. Now that I actually gave myself time to think about it, I can honestly that I’m doing really well in many aspects of my life. January has been packed with a lot of busy schedules with all things work-related but I always had the opportunity to rest well, chill and recharge with my friends and family. I actually think that I just had the most balanced month in a really long time. I’d like to believe its cause I’ve finally learned how to manage my time perfectly to my advantage, but then I said that before and it then BOOM – my life was a busy mess again. Not that I’m complaining, I like being busy but I do love sleeping a lot.

Before I got into college, one of my goals was to be able to achieve good grades, have a social and still get sleep. So far, it hasn’t exactly been working well but I think this is the closest as I’ve ever really gotten. I realized, after a while (thanks to a very awesome friend), that grades were just numbers and that nothing would ever really compare to all of the experience, friends and good times I got in just one month.

with Ning and COWsek @ the CADs Taba Week

Push lang @ the CADs Sportsfest

@ the TV Patrol News Studio of ABS-CBN during our first trip and studio tour for Com13 class

Dreams are starting to come true, one day at a time

@ Fiamma for Jazz's 24th. Also, the day I forgot to wear and bring lipstick

CADs Sto Nino Hands @ Fiamma

Gotta post this cause I love the settings of Tonio's camera for making my skin color look so nice hihi

@ Shindig 2012: Animalia

@ Ponti the first of the CoSA Umbrella Parties: Rush

And for the namesake of the title of this post, I just have to say: and the love kickstarts again.

Nicole x

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