Poster Boys

More shoot backlog.

Exactly a month ago, I became a CADs production staff member again as I became the makeup artist of one of the CADs portfolio shoots for the production staff exhibit that happened the whole of last week in the SEC-C Foyer. The shoot itself probably wasn’t as long and tiring as it felt but when you have a pounding headache from 8am-1am with leadership seminars and NSTP insertions on top of the actual shoot, it definitely felt more agonizing than ever. But of course, it was all very much worth it. I was blessed (uy, blessed daw) to have put on makeup on a few of my favorite boys from CADs, to be part of a team that are all so very talented and be around friends to get me through the headache.

I personally think I finally got the hang of putting makeup on boys after the shoot I did with BrandX and now this. I remember saying, once upon a time, that I didn’t fully appreciate putting makeup on boys only because it was too simple and there was practically no creativity to be practiced. Finally, I realized that the beauty of putting makeup on boys relied so much on the simplicity that the foundation setting had to be flawless since no color or anything else that would make them look extra gwapo. My foundation setting skills were tested not only for the simplicity but also for how different men’s skin are. In my experience, they proved to be more oily, less adherent to makeup, slightly more skin imperfections and they sweat a lot more. I only realized how much tissue I used when I was cleaning up after the shoot and the balled up tissue wouldn’t even fit my hand.

And since I’m already talking about the difference between putting on makeup on boys and girls, I guess I’ll just really have to mention how much more fascinated boys are with makeup given how clueless they are about it. Everytime I bring something out, they would ask what it is, what it was for and surprisingly, if it would hurt. They would also be so curious as to why I have so many brushes and if I ever get to use them all. Well, for their case, the answer is no and so they wonder why I hassle myself with bringing everything else. I think, out of all of the things they say while being subjected to such girly treatment such as makeup, my favorite would have to be: ‘your brushes feel so soft on the face I think I could fall asleep.’ When my clients are at ease and trust me that they could fall asleep, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Noel Narciso

Vyen Villanueva

AG Gatmaytan

Arthur Tan

My Dream Team for this shoot:

Photographer: Tim Arafiles
Creative Director: Tim Arafiles
Post-editing: Tim Arafiles
MUA and Stylist: Nicole Ceballos
Creative Team: John Tan and Yogi Catabijan

Of course, one must always end a successful shoot with a beautiful crew shot.

Back L-R: John Tan, Vyen Villanueva, Arthur Tan, Noel Narciso, AG Gatmaytan, Yogi Catabijan. Front L-R: Leina Bolinas, Tim Arafiles, Me, Steph Ayson.

Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to put on makeup on the girls but they really did a good job doing their own! Such beautiful girls, I’m so jelly!

I posted this before but check out our BTS video a la Esquire, Fragments shot and edited by my CADs dad Yogi Catabijan.

Check out the portfolio shots by the other production teams here.

With all this talent brewing in all just one organization, I stopped wondering why I’m part of it and why I chose to be part of the Executive Board. WHEW! Shit just got real!

Nicole x

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