I finally found the time to update my slowly and very sadly diminishing blog. The stress of academics on top of everything else that has been going on really piled up that I couldn’t find the time to do a lot of things I actually want to do. Right now, however, on this very chill Sunday evening, I actually have nothing else to do. Well, okay, not entirely. But it doesn’t matter!

I guess the timing is perfect that I’m going to post pictures from the shoot I had last month with my friends from CADs who joined the L’Oreal Brandstorm. The theme of the shoot is very relaxed, zen and stress-free. The week of this shoot was terribly stressful that I questioned myself why I even agreed to do this shoot but then again, when has makeup ever been not destressing for me? I had a really fun time doing the makeup for this shoot since I already knew everyone in the shoot really well and makeup time with Mitchi, my (annoyingly) graduating jazz head and good friend, was spent a lot just talking about life. As much as I enjoyed this shoot, I collapsed on my bed the moment I saw it and was knocked out for a good three hours until I had to catch up on even more homework.


true friendship - martin and mitchi. please don't graduate, both of you.

some hardcore photography angles you gotta take for that perfect shot

would you believe this is just a test shot?

please don't graduate

Official Shots

Many thanks to Martin Fausto, Ross Tan and Pauline Manaloto for trusting me to do such an important shoot. To Sara Erasmo and Tim Arafiles for the beautiful photos (and not getting annoyed with me asking for them ahihi). Extra thanks to Tim for never editing my face shots anymore cause we’ve shot so many times he knows I don’t edit my photos. And of course, the beautiful models, Mitchi Kawpeng and Mrs. Rose Fausto.

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More photos from more shoots coming soon, when I find the time!

Nicole x

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