Of Big Foreheads, Filipinianas and Barongs

Last January 3, my family and I had our family portraits taken in our still empty house while my eldest brother and photographer was in town for the holidays. I always enjoyed having our family portraits taken until I had to be the make-up artist of ten people and be photographed as well. It was such a long afternoon but with family, everything seems that much more worth it and enjoyable.

The last time we had our family portraits taken were during my senior year in highschool which was roughly around three years ago so we were due for a much needed update. I’ve always wanted a shoot wherein we would all be in Filipiniana attire because one, we were a Filipino family and two, it looks so classy and clean.


Right after this shoot, I went to another shoot for a friend’s directing class project and damn, all I can say is, ‘ang hirap pala maging artista!’ We shot one long scene from 5pm to 12mn but it was definitely worth the time and tiredness; I wouldn’t have wanted to end the amazing Christmas break I had any differently. The shoot also made me think what I was doing in my advertising class and why-oh-why I gave up my slot in the introduction to basic tv production everyone was dying to take. This is already the third month into the semester and I’m still a confused communications major.

In other news, the month of January has been very generous to my life as a makeup artist, I’ve been spending all of my weekends in photoshoots. I’m still waiting for the shots from my portfolio/exhibit shoot with CADs but here’s a video with BTS outtakes of what happened in the shoot made my very own CADs dad Yogi Catabijan. Esquire ang peg, achieve na achieve!

There have been so many good things happening to me this month and I’d love to write all about it but this post is much too long now so I’ll save the rest for another day.

Have a sarap Sunday, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicole x

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