The Best of 2011

I have three hours left into 2011 and I’ve been recounting what I can manage to remember on the amazing year that was. I can’t exactly talk about each memorable thing that happened to me this year cause then I’d totally spend my last few moments of the year just typing it all out. And let it be known that this probably won’t be a very cleverly written piece since I’m allowing myself only an hour to do this. I don’t even think it’ll make much sense but I’ll ‘write’ anyway! I’ll just make it up as I go along, with a few tetris battle games in the middle. So, how was my 2011?

2011 was by no means a walk in the park. I welcomed 2011 with a strong mindset that I won’t let anybody down – my family, my friends, my classmates and most especially my team. The first two months were definitely the hardest. All my time was spent on studying and training and I was good at neither. I was always either too tired from training to study, or too milked from studying to perform well in training. Through all that hardship I realized the importance of being part of a team that believes in you. Many years in competitive figure skating definitely already instilled in me self-discipline and confidence but never teamwork. I always had to push and motivate myself on my own but with a team, the push multiplied by ten, which was exactly what I needed.

After my first year in college, I realized that I only had two free summers left to use for my own relaxation or alternative education. With that, I immediately signed up and enrolled in Cheryl Cabanos Makeup Academy to get my professional certificate course in makeup artistry and the ball hasn’t stopped rolling since then. To say that it was one of the best summers busily spent would be an understatement. The joys, new friends, new appreciation for life and beauty that I acquired after I graduated and started on my own are just so amazing I feel sorry for anyone who wouldn’t feel those at least once in their lives. I’m glad I found this love so early into my life, with so much time to develop and share it with the people around me.

Before I extend this much too long, the most important part of my 2011 was that I realize who the people I want to keep for forever. This year was definitely one of those years that I was need of much support from my friends and they never failed me. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I have friends who are ready to take on any emotional breakdown, bitch fit, sabaw session and a lot more craziness that comes along the way. My family.. have been and will forever be my family. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch.

The Best Of 2011

2011 was pretty awesome, but I’m just so ready to pwn 2012. And I can’t wait for all of you to pwn it with me. πŸ™‚

Happy New Year.

Nicole x

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