Holiday Cheer

It’s been nearly three weeks since my last post and I want to say that I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been so busy with school or makeup work. In truth, I’ve just been soaking up all the holiday cheer I’ve been immersed in. The holidays this year were quite different, but still in a good way. I surprisingly spent the most of the week before Christmas day in five different malls, in a span of four days. I never thought I was the type to spend that much time in the mall, considering it was during the craziest shopping season and I hate crowded areas. I also anticipated that I’d spend most of my time with my family, family friends, relatives and the like so I never planned anything until the day itself but spontaneity always make for memorable days. The past few days of the Christmas break have definitely been one for the books, I wish I got all of them on photo.

Holiday highlights

My first time to be part of the PACisama 2011 Core Team

To the best PACisama to date!

Under The Stars 2011

My one and only Christmas shot c/o Tim Arafiles

CADs TeaHee Christmas Party

My own legit CADs Family - Azawa Bets and Anakipoo Noel

Movie Club ❀

My crazy CADs family

Extended CADs Family, that is

Immediate Catabijan girls

Jazzer Swag with del Rosario's

Finally, a complete Clingy picture ❀


With the best boys a bro like me can ever ask for

With the confused eggplant/Joker/Barney of the night

How were your holidays? πŸ™‚

Nicole x

photos by Tonio del Rosario, Tim Arafiles, and Ionne Ocampo

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