ReQuest in Manila

A few weeks ago, ReQuest Dance Crew all the way from New Zealand came and blew the minds of everyone in sight. In case you’ve never heard of them, let them educate you.

Those are a few of the many videos that’ll blow your mind. The experience of watching them only a meter and a half away from you is just crazy. They’re not just dancers, they’re actresses, they’re artists. I can’t even find the words to describe how they made me feel before, during and after their concert.

If you watched any of their videos, you’ll probably notice their beautiful red lipstick. Even during their rehearsals I already noticed how nice their lipstick was and I was desperate to find out what shade it was so after we had our picture taken with them, I realized that this was as close as I’ll ever be to these amazing girls. It’s just that I was such a fangirl I couldn’t find the voice to ask them right there and then. Thankfully, a very good friend of mine had enough courage to ask and if you must know, ReQuest uses MAC Russian Red. It was quite amusing to look at the surprise on their faces when we asked such a random question. I’m probably the only person who indirectly asked them for the shade of their lipstick.

I know I’ve said over and over again that I won’t buy yet another red lipstick but in the name of ReQuest, I will make that easy exception.

Put your crowns up!

Nicole x

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