It’s been much too long since my last #nowplaying post so here’s a rundown on the songs I’ve been drowning myself in.

  1. I Would Do Anything For You – Foster the People. Can I just say, I absolutely adore this song. It’s so cute and I can probably only remember the part where he sings ‘Oh la la I’ve fallen in love’ cause I can never seem to remember the other lyrics. Really listen to this song. I think it’ll make you feel like you’re in love. Or at least, I’m blaming this song for whatever effect it might have on me.
  2. Ready For The Floor – Lissy Trullie
  3. Houdini – Foster The People
  4. Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders
  5. Levels – Avicii
  6. Chase Our Love – Chris Brown
  7. Lights – Ellie Goulding
  8. You Make It Real – James Morrison
  9. Without You – Rainbow Arabia
  10. I Get Down – All Wrong and the Plans Change

I was looking back on my previous post and I noticed there were hardly any personal momentos in them. So for those who care, I’ve been doing really great. Been quite unproductive ’cause I have sooo much time in my hands, actually. I’ve actually been posting everyday cause I have that much time. And the Christmas break laziness is definitely getting to me that I’ll probably end up cramming everything I need to do by next week during the same week or day it’s due. Crammer forever.

I guess my most overused word lately is very applicable then.


Nicole x

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