LM Hitch Hike – Mt. Maculot

Last Sunday, Mellisa and I joined one of the many open climbs of the Loyola Mountaineers (LM) to Mt. Maculot. It was thankfully a 2-hour bus ride from Manila so I was able to get some sleep for this climb compared to my previous climb to Pico de Loro. This climb was also much quicker but also much steeper and rockier than the last so cheers to a new climbing experience!

Sibling Act

From school to bars to islands to persian restaurants to mountains

We've come a long way from the long tables of the MC caf huh HAHAH

Had to keep mah chicken grounded before it could fly!


It was crazy cold up there!

With LM and the rest of the open climbers πŸ™‚

Hope you guys don’t judge my misfashion and barer than bare face. When you’re gonna be one with nature, you gotta be all natural as well.

In case you haven’t yet, make it a point to climb a few mountains in your lifetime. It’s definitely refreshing and tiredness you’ll feel after is just amazing, almost victorious.

Catch the next few open climbs hosted by LM:

Nicole x

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