Nicole Ceballos x Tim Arafiles – Pauline Suarez

For the last look we shot during the sembreak, I can easily say that this was the hardest to make. I didn’t really expect it to be this hard since it’s just hard blending and lines but then this look reminded me why I was never much of an artist on paper. As you’ll see on the photos, it’s a very bare look except for the eyes so everything else was a breeze until I had to make the other eye match the other eye. HMM. Any guesses on how long it took me replicate the other eye? Just one eye.

30-40 minutes. It was absolutely crazy and I think this look was the look that made my back ache terribly until two days after the shoot and a massage. But I like to believe that it was worth it. Well, you be the judge. 🙂

Model | Pauline Suarez
Photo | Tim Arafiles
MUA | Nix Ceballos
Lighting Director| Y.Racca
Lighting Assist | John Pedero
Venue Host | Yan Rigor
Great Provider of Tech and Food (and best CADs dad in the world) | Yogi Catabijan

It’s quite sad that there aren’t any released full facial shot of this so that I could have documented how even the lines I made for this look.

So that’s all for our shoot during the sembreak. Help get this post on my portfolio more notes and put it on everyone’s dashboard for the world to see here. While you’re at it, you may want to follow the Tumblr as well. 🙂

Nicole x


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