Drew Arellano, Leigh Wong, Lorenzo and Enrico Sy Wear Brand X

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a photoshoot in Xavier school just last Wednesday. The shoot was for Brand X, a brother brand of GetBlued. They recently launched their Xavier merchandise and here are some of their official promotional materials.

Drew Arellano

It was quite the experience to put makeup on this superstar. During the shoot, we didn’t anticipate that there would be a whole camera crew following him around for his guesting on the new show on GMA called Follow That Star. Imagine my awkwardness and too casual fashion being magnified on national television. It was also quite intimidating to put on his makeup with cameras all around us documenting everything I put on him while he talks animatedly to the camera for the show. Despite the circumstances, it turned out well. Drew was such a nice model and it was such a pleasure to do his makeup.

Lorenzo and Enrico Sy

These siblings are the cutest! Lorenzo is a football player and Enrico is a promising future dancer. I absolutely adore how patiently they sat on the chair while I was doing their makeup. Most guys (what more for kids!) can hardly sit still when they’re having their makeup done!

Leigh Wong

My new friend, Leigh Wong. I love having models who just sit there and converse with you and just trust your skills and don’t even look at the mirror before facing the camera. It was such a pleasure to have done your makeup!

All in all, the Brand X shoot was an amazing experience. I was never really big on doing men’s makeup because there was hardly any creativity to channel but it was definitely refreshing to something simple and still see the beauty of it. As a makeup artist, I always believed that the most important part of doing a look is perfecting the base – foundation, concealer and powder. Much like everything, without a good base, everything could go wrong.

Many thanks to Kirk Damasco and Tonio del Rosario for getting me for this shoot. I hope to be able to work with you again! 🙂

Nicole x

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