11/11/11 11:11

I excitedly awaited the supposedly magical moment of 11/11/11 11:11am/pm. I can distinctly remember being in a meeting during 11:11am but someone sent me a message at this time making me check my phone for the time and wished away. I then rushed to Greenhills for CADs Jazz training and danced for the next 3 hours with the best group of girls in my life.

Much like everyone, I wanted to go to the lantern flying thing hosted by Banchetto that night but it was unfortunately cancelled due to safety reasons. I can’t exactly say I’m surprised it was cancelled since I’ve been wondering how they’d pull it off in the middle of the city but since it’s my dream to watch lanterns in the sky a la Tangled, I didn’t really care. It’s actually quite childish to exclaim how heartbroken I admittedly was when I found out it was cancelled. I do swear, however, that I will see such an event before I die. If I have to go to Poland for it, then so be it.

Instead of watching lights fly off into the sky, my friends and I went to Uncle Moe’s for some Kofta Balls to get Koftable (Javier/Arafiles/Ceballos/Catabijan, 2011. I can’t seem to remember who originally said it). It was a simple dinner but anything simple done with the best group of friends will always turn out to be one of the best ones ever.

11/11/11 being a Friday, it was a day for Fiamma Fresh Fridays. It was one of the best trips to Fiamma for the most part since it wasn’t that hot at the start but once the clock hit 12, the people started filing in and I had to settle for winding down outside ’cause someone accidentally hit my injury spot on and made everything turn into a blur. Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of those nights that the cold Ber breeze is blowing outdoors but it was good time to just talk to a friend.

Even if it wasn’t one of those ultra-epic nights wherein I was there for a late night/early morning snackage at Chic-Boy, kwentuhan and sleep when the sun comes up, I’m glad I was able to come home early enough to see my parents back home from China.

With one of the best, Bell Javier, my original Clingy.

Oh Pau

First legit ultra party picture c/o Stitch!

Bear Family

Because it's not all the time you get a picture with The Tim Arafiles

Hi AG this is officially my best picture of you

I just have to put this here cause you look so GV!

w DJ Jazz Zamoraaa

Only the best

Photos by Trish Zamora, Tim Arafiles, Frances Sison of FFF

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