Boom Badoom Boom Boom Badoom Boom Bass

For a while, I was trying to sing and type out the lyrics for the title until I figured I could just search the lyrics online. Smart, right? Haha. Behold, my first dancing gig (UAAP excluded) for the school year with CADs Jazz!

Missed these girls like cray cray

Push natin yan

Super Bass gigers!

Awkward action shot wahaha

I can’t even begin to explain how much I’ve missed dancing. It feels so good to be back to training with the jazzers even if it’s killing my body one day at a time.

In makeup news, I can’t believe I forgot to bring my brush set so I had to use my fingers to put on my makeup. I know how some people say that the best way to put on makeup is with the fingers but if you’re like me who has been so reliant on brushes since forever, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Nonetheless, I’m glad of how it turned out.

Here’s to a new semester of dancing, FINALLY!

Nicole x

Photos by Ech Nocum

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