The Stippling Brush

If there’s one brush that has caught my attention and actually researched about, it’s the stippling brush. I was so intrigued by it because of it’s two-colored and stiff bristles. Back when I didn’t know much about makeup brushes yet, all I knew was that brushes should be densely packed and swept across wherever that brush was meant to be used. After much research and experience, I have come to conclusion that The Stippling Brush is my new favorite liquid foundation, blush and highlighter brush (which is also why I need another one).

Sigma F-50 Brush

For liquid foundation, I squeeze out just a little bit of product onto a palette (or anything flat, really) and dab the brush head very lightly just to get the slightest amount of foundation and stipple it on my skin. Stippling is when you lightly ‘dot’ the product on to the skin instead of the normal sweeping using a flat, tapered foundation brush. I find stippling more efficient and its finish much better since it doesn’t leave streaks on the face that I have to soften or diffuse with a sponge, which absorbs the product from the face.

It definitely takes more time that using a sponge or a flat foundation brush on the first few tries but once you get the hang of the technique, it just makes applying foundation such a breeze and less problematic. Not to mention, it’s much cheaper than getting airbrushed since the stippling brush promises an airbrush finish.

For blush, I find that this blush saves so much product I don’t understand why. I dipped this brush onto my NARS Orgasm twice and stippled it on my cheeks two-three times and I was already glowing pink and gold! Although it packs on a lot of color, it doesn’t look like a blotch on the face, which I always avoid when putting on blush. It applies blush really soft and properly diffused, making it seem like a glow from within and very natural.

The same goes for its use as a highlighter. Highlighter is usually applied with a light hand lest one would look like a disco ball or an oily face.

My own stippling brush is the Sigma Duo Fibre F-50 brush and I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone because it sheds like crazy during application and it’s particularly hard to remove them after application without ruining the finish. I’ve been using it for about eight months now and it still sheds every time I use it since I first bought it. I’m actually quite surprised it’s still normal.

So those are my two cents on The Stippling Brush. 🙂


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