Philippine Fashion Week SS 2012

Yesterday was my first time at the PFW after hearing about from everyone on twitter. It was quite an experience as I’ve never been to a real fashion show with real models and clothes by real designers. This being my first, I never really knew what the dress code “DRESS UP” meant so I just slipped on my light pink H&M dress and purple suede Zara heels and hoped for the best. On a regular day/night out, I’d already say that I was “dressed up” but when I saw how dressed up the people were at SMX, I felt so casual, which lead me to the decision that I must be more fashown from this day forward.

Yes, I do resolve to be more fashown every new year and yes, it has never happened but I’m going to swear that this time will be different. Why? I don’t know how anyone could leave Philippine Fashion Week uninspired by the beauty and fashion all around you, especially after the Grand Allure show. The Grand Allure show featured mostly high-fashion, couture-like pieces with intricate beading, pleating, fringes, hand-made textiles and beautiful tailoring.

My personal favorite collection was Alma Mae Roa’s for the feminine detailing and silhouettes. I love the collection so much I may have already found the designer of my wedding gown (assuming I get married. If not… maybe a maid of honor’s dress for my sister’s wedding). Though I’ve never been a big fan of fringes and feathers, Albert Andrada’s collection was just jaw-dropping with the intricate beading. I also adored the hair extensions that were used – it reminded me so much of Avatar. Gerswin Cua’s collection was quite something with it’s memorable makeup (especially the last model) and headpieces.

Aside from the fashion I was immersed in, I couldn’t help but notice the skinny bodies of the models. I never thought I’d ever be in the same area as the models with practically zero trace of body fat. It’s amazing, I thought models with those bodies only existed in fashion weeks in NY, Paris, Milan, etc. I guess the Philippines isn’t an exception to this skinny culture. I’ve never felt so insecure in my life. Haha.

On a non-fashion related note, I love fashion show music. If there’s any way to get a hold of all the music that were used in all of the shows I watched, especially during the RTW collection. I was so desperate to get a hold of the show’s music that I emailed through the PFW website to ask their DJ for the song titles. As much as I wanted to ask the DJ myself, we were rushed out of the venue. I just need his/her beautiful music!

So, that’s my take on PFW as a non-fashionista. Now, I shall start being more fashown and I shall start by looking for clothes that will actually fit me. Suggestions (aside from Kids of Bayo cause I already buy there) are welcome. Haha. 🙂

Nicole x

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2 Responses to Philippine Fashion Week SS 2012

  1. Alma Mae Roa says:

    Thank you Nicole!:) ❤

    • Nicole says:

      You’re very welcome! Your collection was really amazing 🙂
      Hope to watch your show again next fashion week! 🙂

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