Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF 12 in Soft Coral

In my previous post, Lipstick Dissonance, I was asking for suggestions on what new lipstick shade I should buy and this particular shade came in second to MUFE Rouge Artist 37. I was never really into coral until my Benefit Cha Cha Tint for the simple reason that it was the only tint of that shade (that happened to be the only tint that looks natural on me). As I was browsing through the Swatch Gallery at Temptalia, I came across this lovely shade when I saw Bobbi Brown’s Bikini Pink since it was in the same collection. On the lip swatch, I just fell in love how it was the perfect combination of peach, a touch of red and orange to create the perfect coral.

Soft Coral swatch from Temptalia

I was very much hesitant to buy it since I’ve never really seen anyone here in Manila veering away from the usual pink and reds and I was already daring enough to wear fuchsia a few times. I just really, really loved this color so much I even dreamt of it so I knew I had to get it. I originally intended to buy this online because of the usual mark-ups imported makeup have here in Manila but the shipping fee totally killed me so after chocolate tasting in Machiavelli Chocolates in Rustan’s, I checked this out and when I found out it was the same price online and on the counter, I bought it on the spot.

When I got there, I tried on both Bikini Pink and Soft Coral just to see which really looked better on me and this won the two salesladies and my friend’s vote so it was a bright green light. This has got to be my most expensive lipstick to date but I earned it. 🙂 (I hope)


This being my first Bobbi Brown lipstick, I didn’t really know what to expect but I definitely wanted it to be of better quality than my MAC ones since it was much more expensive. It didn’t disappoint – the formula was creamy and glides on easily even on my chapped lips ( I was so excited I didn’t even bother exfoliating before trying it on ). As for pigmentation, I can’t really say much ’cause my lips are naturally very pigmented compared to most but it covered it nicely but with flash, I could still see my natural lip color peeking through. To achieve true coral lips I’m gonna have to put on a layer of foundation, concealer and powder first before I apply this lipstick. The finish is semi-matte so it doesn’t look dry. I didn’t expect it to last through dinner since I ate so many saucy dishes that required me to lick and smack my lips more times than I’d care to admit. After dinner, there was still a slight layer of color.

Apologies for the bad quality webcam photos, my camera is with my mom who’s currently in Canton right now, shopping. 😦 Apologies for the eyebags too, haven’t really slept cause I’ve been away from the past week, staying up talking to my friends til god knows what time.

Final Rating: 3.9/5 stars. But I highly recommend everyone to try this color out, it’s a fresh change from all the reds and pinks everyone needs a break from. 🙂

Nicole x

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