Show Me Lights

One week into the sembreak, I think I’ve gathered enough rest and insight to be able to review the first semester that was.. eventful. Luckily, I was blessed with an amazing set of professors with an exception. Nonetheless, this semester feels like the semester I have learned the most. I guess, I can say this without contest simply because I finally got rid of non-communications related core subjects like math and natsci and got more life-enlightening subjects like theology and filipino 14 with THE Alvin Yapan.

Blessed as I was this semester, it sure as hell wasn’t a walk in the park. With great educators come with great expectations and school work. Theology required so much brainpower and self-involvement that it was almost impossible to leave the classroom questioning your faith and your existence. Filipino, despite my hatred for the subject because of my past experiences with it, easily became one of my favorite subjects this semester. I can’t believe I learned so much in a semester that I could forget everything I learned all my life before now. Communication Theory was a pleasure to learn and absorb mostly because our professor was really nice to match her smarts. General Psychology was fun at the start while my drive for school and learning and general was still in tact but by the end of the year, I resorted to self-studying like I always did.

Communication Seminar was quite the black sheep this semester. I guess I expected a little too much when I expected to learn a lot of things in the classroom but most of the learning I did for this class was through hands-on, self-taught stress brought about by Mr. Ateneo and The Stripper Diaries. Mr. Ateneo forced me to develop a love-hate relationship for events planning. The Stripper Diaries severely challenged my creative mind through conceptualizing shots and storylines and then my dignity as I walked around Eastwood in stripper makeup. As much as I detested the class, I can honestly say that it was the class that made me truly appreciate my course and eventually my future.

First semester wasn’t only a whirlwind of schoolwork; it was quite a personal rollercoaster as well, most of which stemmed from my injury that forced me to take a break from something that kept me going for so long. The past 4-5 months gave me a lot of time to realize the friends I want to keep for the rest of my life and the people I’m definitely much better off without. There was definitely a lot of internal conflict starting from things as simple as battling with my own laziness to battling loneliness to battling my own values to fight for something I’ve never fought for before. The last month and a half of the semester was so full with dissonance I bet I just pissed off everyone around me. I’m an absolute prick when I’m confused.

After everything, though, I think this is my best semester yet. I’m pretty sure I could’ve done much better in all aspects of my life but I’m sure this is just the start of something truly amazing. I got friends and family that’ll last me a lifetime, a hobby I can always turn to on my worst days, academics to keep me forever busy and dancing to keep me forever hopeful that at the end of the day, the pain will all be worth it.

First Sem Highlights!

Doesn't get any better than this

CADs Family

Jazz Seniors please dont graduate


The Clingies Sans Arthur

Mommy Nix, Anak Gabby and Daddy Bell

Original Wifey

My Original Clingy ❤

Happy birthday, Byootipol! Love u!


MG Team! Congrats Girls!

What Will I Do Without You?

Bar photobooth action with bell and ross

CADs Family w/ wife/sister Ning, Dad Yogi, Sisters Ionne and Trish

CADs Teambuilding on bed


Dysfunctional Auntie Melly I'll Love Forever


Don't Ever Look Back

Welcome home, Bea G!

W Tatay Jorel

(The photos are all mixed up I got too lazy to fix them)

I promise to fix my life by the second semester. But until then, enjoy the sembreak, everyone! 🙂

Nicole x

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2 Responses to Show Me Lights

  1. mitchi says:

    saw my face so many tiiiimes. see you tonight nixie poo 🙂

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