RiB 2011: Kalye

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For this year’s RiB, I was unfortunately still injured to dance but that only allowed me to help out the org with their makeup demands. Yes, they demand. Haha. This year, three of us were assigned to do hair and makeup for those who have particular makeup requirements. Since we only had one dressing room to ourselves this year, we setup the makeup station a few hours before the storm that is CADs girls and boys. It was quite a sight because we occupied a corner with a cabinet we filled with makeup, brushes, bags and oddly enough, milk tea – a CADs favorite.

Makeup duties were less stressful this time compared to last year’s year-end-concert since I didn’t have to internalize or at least prep myself ’cause I had to dance. It was actually quite enjoyable ’cause of the newbie jazz girls’ makeup. It was still pretty exhausting though; by dinner after the concert, I nearly fell asleep on the cushioned benches of Cantina and collapsed the moment I saw my bed.

More importantly, the concert was a big success. All the participating organizations definitely battled it out on the dance floor and CADs capped it all off with theme-related and entertaining pieces. Special mention to the CADs newbies who blew everyone away and definitely raised the bar this year. I don’t even want to look back on my newbie piece after watching this year’s jazz newbie piece!

Newbie Jazz piece (makeup c/o yours truly!)

@ the Makeup Station by Slo Jak and Nix!

One of the hosts, Toni Potenciano. Makeup by me teehee


Busy @ the Makeup Station. Spot the cabinet with milk tea and makeup.

Post-Concert w Dad Yogi

My One and Only Action Shot c/o Yogi Catabijan

Absolutely can’t wait for next semester’s year-end-concert! In the meantime, here are the videos from Rhythm-in-Blue c/o The Magis Ech Nocom of CADs Doc&Pub. Make sure to watch my favorites – Dollhouse’s intermission number and CADs Jazz Reauditionees. πŸ™‚

Nicole x

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