Daily x Tip – 5-Minute Makeup

Guess I should take off the Daily bit ’cause I can’t even keep up with my own promises! Sorry 😦 And I also hope for this to have pictures but all of my cameras except the one here on my laptop are gone. Nonetheless here’s a step-by-step thing on how I do my makeup when I’m in a rush or just feel like looking more fresh/less haggard.

  1. Put concealer under the eyes (cause I have terrible eyebags), spot conceal anything undesirable and draw a light line on the bridge of the nose.
  2. Seal it with face powder, always seal it with face powder or it’ll smear and be totally useless.
  3. Apply three dots of tint on cheeks and blend with 2-3 fingers. I find that using only one finger creates a harsh line and doesn’t ‘fit’ in my chubby cheeks.
  4. Apply tint on lips.
  5. Curl eyelashes in three parts. Start from the nearest to the lashline then work your way up to the tips. This creates a more natural curl and not a ninety-degree curl, unless you want it that way.
  6. Optional mascara since it might clump, flake or run on a regular day in Philippine humidity.

Back when I didn’t have lip/cheek tint, I’d just put a super duper light layer of powder blush with my fingers and dab the lipstick, smack and spread. I also don’t normally fill in my brows cause my eyebrows are already defined but if needed, make sure to use eyebrow powder or just eye shadow cause eyebrow pencil has the tendency to look too sharp.

Nicole x

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