The Stripper Diaries BTS 2

Last tuesday, we filmed the remaining sequences for our com100 production project, The Stripper Diaries trailer and like I’ve said, I’m going to end up as a stripper as well. On the day itself, I didn’t have any more plans on actually putting on makeup anymore but we were idle for a while so I decided to push through with the peg I posted previously.

Just a background story, I walked around Eastwood in this makeup and inevitably got weird stares since I was just wearing my old high school jersey, shirts and espadrilles. Clearly, the makeup didn’t match up outfit but I think, no matter what I wore with it, I’d still get stared at. It was very… daring.

More background: I decided to forgo wearing foundation and corrective concealer for this cause I didn’t want it to cake and melt in the extreme heat of the locations we shot in. It’s always such a challenge to conceal my dark under eye circles especially without corrective concealer even if I already used my heavy duty concealer Instant Igia. It’s my first time to wear my MUFE Rouge Intense #49 lipstick! I’ve never had the guts to wear it to a party just yet so for now, it shall be reserved for photoshoots and experiments.

It took me a while to ponder on whether or not I should post these shots because even I couldn’t believe it was me. I just can’t believe how differently I look in these shots. Not to mention I think I really looked like a stripper to a point that even if I didn’t pose like one, it still looked unintentionally provocative. Maybe if I get a little uncomfortable that this is out of the world to see and be told on, I’d remove this. HAHAHA.

The Peg

The difference in the blues isn't so evident here 😦

Let's keep it blurred

Cause I'm really shy HAHAH

Left - cheers that my cheeks dont look as squeezable as they really are. Right - lots of tumblr chicks do this... so I attempted HAHA

B&W = Instant Added Drama

Some Scandalous Photo Manipulation

Shots were taken after a seven-hour shoot so please bear with the condition of the makeup, face and hair.

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One Response to The Stripper Diaries BTS 2

  1. I love the make up, it goes well especially with your mole =)…

    the scandal photo shot, think it will be a great teaser for those who haven’t seen you with that make up on.

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