Turn Around

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last entry! This week flew by so quickly I can hardly differentiate the things that happened for each day; I feel like I’ve only been taking long naps in between my days. School has been crazy – papers, projects, readings left, right, front and back! Just a quick post on what’s been up in the life of a sleep-deprived, panda/zombie-looking, happy-go-lucky Ateneo communications sophomore.

The rain’s been very uncooperative lately. We were supposed to have a video shoot for The Stripper Diaries last night but the rain was too much that it would’ve been suicide effects rather than drama effects! So stoked to shoot cause I’ll finally be the subject and that means new makeup post! But so far, the only makeup I’ve been doing are from using colored pencils on my face charts.

Peg for my The Stripper Diaries stripper look. Whatchu think? 🙂

In case you guys haven’t heard yet, CADs Jazz is out to kick some serious ass tomorrow at Maximum Groovity 7.

So far, I’ve spent 3 straight nights with the best org in the world, CADs. And then again tomorrow. It’s really true that joining CADs was the best decision I’ve ever made in college. I’ve met and continuously meet more and more amazingly talented and friendly people every single time. In college, it can’t always be just hard work, as the saying goes: work hard, party harder. With CADs, we work hard together and we party even harder together. At this point, I imagined that I’d be so sick of these people HAHAHA But no, everyday is a good day spent with CADs.

With jazz newbs Chuckie (AMAZING FLIPPER!), Cheska and Adi. CADs Prod newb Tito and my wife, Ningning ❤

Three Blind CADs Mice - CADs Flag for Teambuilding

After a long day of teambuilding activities.

CADs Teambuilding bed chaos!

Fiamma Fresh Fridays for Inez Herbosa’s 18th! Great party, Inezzie! By far one of the best trips to Fiamma! Also featuring my violet lower liner, MAC Girl About Town lipstick and terrible eyebags!

Old batchmate loving with Gabby, Mica and Jak featuring my Ateneo-grown eyebags.

With Trish, Tipay, Clingy and Gisella

Missing Mama Mary!

Modern Family DVD Cover: Parents fighting, child caught in the middle.

Incomplete but happy family with kabit Bell Javier and anak Gabby Yupangco 🙂

Gabby said we're starting to look alike now. Guess she really is my CADs anak for more reasons than one!

@ DJ Jazz Zamora's table! :>


I feel and look so different with pink lips! Not sure if I photograph better in red lips or pink. Any insights? Hehe.

Super good game by the Ateneo Blue Eagles against the De La Salle Green Archers today! Will post pictures from the game once I find them in facebook hahaha.


For makeup posts, I’ll probably post using my face charts instead of my own face. My eyebags are beyond repair and my skin is breaking out for some reason. Must be my unhealthy diet lately. Huhu.


Less than two hours to vote for YOUR Mr. Ateneo! Save the date September 23, 2011 for an afternoon filled with cute boys, funny hosts and surprises!


Nicole x

Photo credit Gabby Yupangco, Deej Fabian, Antonio Del Rosario

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