The Stripper Diaries BTS 1

As much as I’d like to talk more about the title, I’ll leave a little bit of mystery ’cause it’s gonna be explo-fricking-sive. School has been demanding a lot of time from me lately but I’ll just make a quick post before I take a nap and continue with my responsibilities as I’m running on only 2 hours of sleep after a long night of Tetris Battle (damn this game!)

Model: One of my favorite girls, Michelle Barcelon. I think this is her 5th time? Love you girl!

Peg: Stripper/Drag.

Photography: ME! OMG! ME! Hahaha. Settings fixed by another one of my favorites, Jorel Lising cause I don’t know how to fix our camera to save my life.

Location: Jaz Reyes’ chinese hizzly.

MUA: Me, finally. First time to use bedazzled falsies!

The girl version of a 'hipster pose' - I do this a lot

So there goes a peek into what I’ve been doing lately. I came to today’s shoot expecting to be in front of the camera but ended up behind it with my busy brushes and palettes. I ain’t even complainin’! Capped off the afternoon with Charlie’s Burger with Jorel and Michelle and a haunting Vanilla milkshake. Yummy.

On to more academic matters, like our group’s event, The Search for Mr Ateneo and ‘like’ to vote for your favorite Ateneo campus cutie TOMORROW! Now wouldn’t a beautiful Monday be nice for a change? 🙂

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Nicole x

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