‘May masabi lang’ directly translates to ‘just to say something’ but it sounds so much better in Filipino for some reason – just like, ‘ikaw na’ or ‘may ganon?’ In case you guys haven’t noticed, I haven’t been able to post much and here comes another post of word vomit, kamustahan and personal things. So yes, this is a post just to post something! Hahaha.

  • It’s been quite a good week. Nothing to be disappointed or depressed about, which is quite surprising since it’s already thursday and my week hasn’t been ruined or made just yet.
  • Manang’s Chicken is really awesome chicken. It’s double deep-fried chicken and then smothered with sauce, just like Chicken Charlie and Bon Chon Chicken. All three have different takes on this kind of chicken but I’ve got to give it to Manang’s Chicken for being the best. Chicken Charlie’s sauce is really good while Bon Chon Chicken’s crisp makes it outstanding but Manang’s Chicken just brought both.
  • After many hours wasted on Tetris Battle, I am now finally rank 17.
  • The support and hype our com100 project The Search for Mr. Ateneo has been overwhelming and exciting. We’ve got a lot of things in store and we promise we won’t disappoint. After all, none of the guys we hand-picked specifically really are the cutest boys on campus. Any guesses on whose eyes reeled you in?
  • I have barbie pink nails. It looked a little paler when I saw it from the bottle but damn, it’s barbie pink!
  • My injury’s getting better but still not well enough but I hope to be able to dance soon enough. 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve received any submissions/questions/etc on Formspring so I’d like to hear from you guys again! 🙂 Or comment somewhere haha. Also, follow my Twitter (to see my pink nails! Haha!) and don’t forget to Support CADs Jazz in Maximum Groovity 7 on August 29.

Still waiting for better days and more interesting things to write about,

Nicole x

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