Daily x Tip: Mixing Makeup Colors

Makeup, just like paint, can be mixed with each other to come up with a new color. Most times, it seems impractical to have each and every color known to man and sometimes, it may seem like the color you want but it just.. isn’t. So, let’s get practical and mix colors on our own instead!

Basic principles of color apply. There are your primary colors: blue, red, yellow – all of which mix together to make new colors and not vice versa. Then come the secondary colors: green, orange, violet and tertiary/intermediate: yellow + green = charteuse, green + blue = turquoise, violet + red = plum. Black darkens any color so if you need burgundy, mix it with red. White does vice versa so if you want pink, mix it with red.

I’ve actually done this and seen the surprising effects only once in my makeup life because I usually stick to just one color and use different shades. I used it on my CADs jazz-mate on our candy-themed shoot back in June. I lined her eyes with hot pink eye shadow and put a bright blue on the corners blending inwards to the crease. The corners ended up a nice shade of violet cause the blue blended with the hot pink with the upward and inward strokes until it ran out and eventually only blue made it to the crease. I wish I had a picture.

Before mixing colors on the face, be sure to swatch it on the back of your hand to check and blend blend blend to avoid any harsh patches and blotches. 🙂 Mixing makeup applies to everything! Lipsticks, foundation with luminizers, eye shadows, eye liners, blush, etc.

Nicole x

PS Sorry I haven’t posted in a while thus not following the ‘daily’ part of this series. 😦

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