Daily x Tip: Improvised Heated Eyelash Curlers

One of the most important things a girl should do for either the most simple or most glamorous look is to curl the lashes. Curling even without mascara automatically makes one look more awake and a little made up so a investing in a good eyelash curler is one of the smartest makeup moves ever. After many years of buying cheap eyelash curlers in drugstores, I’ve decided to invest in everyone’s HG curler: Shu Uemura. Amazing as it is, it’s really expensive so if you’re not ready to spend that much, here’s something you could try to ease up your eyelash curling life

Remove the rubber padding from the eyelash curler and heat it with a blow-drier. Once, I used the hand dryer in the lavatories of Ateneo. Heat it only until you can still hold it with your fingers and snap it back on the curler. Easy as that.

The principle here is simple, just how curling irons need to be hot before it actually curls the hair.

Hope this helps anyone! 🙂

Nicole x

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