Daily x Tip – Eye Primer

Eye primer has been around for quite a while now and as a makeup artist and addict, even I think I think I should own one even just for personal use. Unfortunately, I can’t get past how expensive it is for what it is. For the longest time, I’ve been eyeing Urban Decay’s primer potion but the price just won’t work for me. Maybe because of Urban Decay’s sudden popular with their primer potions, so many other local brands started coming out with their own eye primers or I just started noticing them cause of Urban Decay.

Like I said, I don’t own any eye primers so I use something else very accessible and found in the most common makeup kits: concealer. Like I always say, makeup sticks better on makeup so eye makeup will stick better to lids when pre-applied with concealer. Also, concealer automatically brightens the eyes so if you’re going for bright, awake eyes, this will work well too. Just remember to set it with face powder before adding eye shadow or it will blotch and it won’t look pretty!

Nicole x

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