Half of Nothing

I type this entry as I impatiently and hungrily wait for updates on my friends so that I can decide on my fate tonight. While we’re on that, here are a few updates on my monotonous life right now: wake up – eat – school – eat – eat – sleep – eat – study – eat – sleep – repeat. The past few days have held more interesting though, I’d like to tell you all what I’m brewing but I guess I’ll just bomb you guys with eye-candy once it’s all ready.

At The Movies

CADs Acquaintance Party

Semi-family picture!

Daddy Yogi, Fight Club Bardo, Pirate Ionne, Jonas Brother EG

I fit in the baby high chair!!!

Retty Set Go

With the girls

The only source of testosterone, Tay Jorel

Until the next.

Nicole x

Photos by Tonio del Rosario, Tim Arafiles, Gisella Velasco, Jorel Lising, Benny Bernardo, Jazz Zamora.

Soundtrack: Click Clack Away


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